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Print Publications

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On-line Publications

Brown, A., Hanson, I., McKie, M., van Heyningen, V., & Prosser, J. (1999). The Human PAX6 Mutation Database. Nucleic Acids Res 27 ( (Link removed by publisher - no redirection)

McNoe, L., Brown, A., McKie, M., & Eccles, M. (1999). The Human PAX2 Mutation Database. Nucleic Acids Res 27 ( (Link removed by publisher - no redirection)

Software Releases

Tracer (1991): A suite of programs for morphometric analysis, for use with PCs and most digitizing tablets. MS-DOS. Was available from the UK Mirrors Archive (originally at Higher Education National Software Archive). (No longer available)

ALP (1994): Automated Linkage Pre-processor - a program for sizing microsatellite DNA fragments, testing for Mendelian Inheritance, and preparing data in "LINKAGE" format to locate disease genes on chromosomes. MS-Windows 3.1. (No longer available)

Winloga (1997): A firewall Dropsafe Logger. Windows 3.1. (No longer available)

Human PAX6 Mutation Database (1997): HTML/cgi/JavaScript web interface to Human PAX6 Mutation Database, providing new mutation submission, searching of database, and statistics view. (Moved to LOVD software)

Mutability (1997): Calculates how many point substitutions in a DNA sequence would result in Nonsense, Missense, or Neutral mutations. HTML/cgi/JavaScript web application. (No longer available).

MuStaRTM (1999): Generic Locus-Specific Mutation Database software. A PC-based application with HTML/cgi/JavaScript interface for web distribution of the database. No longer available - Recommend LOVD software