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Alastair F. Brown

(Al Brown)

"Web users ultimately want to get at data quickly and easily. They don't care as much about attractive sites and pretty design." Tim Berners-Lee

Web Site Ethos


Web Site Aim

It is my aim for this site, and others that I maintain, to adhere to the following tenets (some large organisations and corporations might like to take note - one day I may start naming and shaming):

  • Avoid being a triumph of style over content - anyone impressed with the look more than the content and usability of a web site may look away now
  • Provide the information that people need
  • Make finding the information as simple as possible (easy navigation)
  • Keep the web site simple to provide access from all type of devices - desktops, tablets, mobile phones, etc.
  • Adhere to standards which make the site accessible from all types of browser - graphical browsers, text only browsers, speaking browsers
  • Make the web site accessible to those with disabilities
  • Keep the site simple to improve speed and page loading times
  • Avoid using plugins (e.g. Flash) which often restrict the audience to certain devices or operating systems
  • Avoid unnecessary images which are slow to download, especially animated images - yes, I know how to do it but I won't unless it serves a real purpose
  • Provide a contact form for users to report problems with the site, incorrect information on the site, etc.

Internet Explorer

If any pages do not render correctly in IE (I have torn my hair out making sure they do, BUT...), please complain to Microsoft - IE is notorious for being bug-ridden and not adhering to standards - if web developers would stop working around IE bugs and just write standards compliant HTML and CSS, even if it did not work with IE, Microsoft would soon improve their software.

Update - Microsoft Edge is much more standards compliant as a browser.

See Server information for comments about IE with the HTML Validity Checker and Google Page Speed Insights.