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Alastair F. Brown

(Al Brown)

"Web users ultimately want to get at data quickly and easily. They don't care as much about attractive sites and pretty design." Tim Berners-Lee

Alastair F. Brown


About This Site

This web site covers various topics related to my work in Computing and Biology, formerly with the Medical Research Council (MRC), and to my other interests including Luthiery.

The web site is hosted on my network, BrownNet, which is maintained by me along with a variety of other private and public network services including the Glasgow Perthshire Charitable Society web site.

Who This Alastair Brown Is

Alastair Brown is not an unusual name around the world, despite variations in spelling, and there are many who live in Scotland with a significant number in the Edinburgh area. Check my C.V. to see more about me and to determine if I am the one you are after. I almost always use my middle initial or name (F. or Fergus) to help distinguish me from the masses.

Who This Alastair Brown Is Not

I am not...

  • ...any spelling of the name that is not ALASTAIR
  • of the Brown's who used to live at the same house number and very similar street name in Edinburgh as me. Banks and other organisations should really read the full address from their databases before contacting people.
  • ...the Al Brown who works/worked at a university in north-east Scotland.
  • of the numerous A. Brown's in Edinburgh listed by many on-line sites. Many of these sites claim to use the Electoral Role, but most are very outdated and somewhat unreliable. Even when they do have the correct address etc. they have the wrong information about who else lives with me - and they have the cheek to charge for such information.



According to G**gle I am aged between 25 and 34 - ain't profiling marvelous!

Words of Wisdom

"Management is mostly common sense. Everything else can be learned in an afternoon." Anon

The above WoW changes every few minutes - reload the page in your browser to see the current WoW. (I know, I could refresh the page for you, but that could be annoying).