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The Glasgow Perthshire


Brief Introduction

The Glasgow Perthshire Charitable Society was founded in 1835 to provide assistance to those from Perthshire who had moved to Glasgow and had fallen on hard times.

Today the Society, generally referred to as "The Glasgow Perthshire", primarily provides bursaries to students from Perthshire who are attending one of Glasgow's universities or colleges.

My Involvement

I have been on the Board of Directors of the Society since 1976 (I think) and was Preses from 2000-2010. I am currently the Bursary Coordinator responsible for processing applications prior to the Board making awards.

A Glaswegian myself, my family has had associations with Perthshire for many generations, hence my involvement with the Society.

I am currently the Bursary Coordinator for the Society, created and maintain its web site, and developed the on-line bursary application system.

Further Information

Full details of the Society can be found on the Glasgow Perthshire Charitable Society web site.